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Helix D Four

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D Four
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D Four
D Four D Four D Four
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D Four
755,10 RON

Descriere produs:

The new entry into the HELIX world! The amplifiers of the D series are solely modest with respect to pricing. Everything else is thoroughly pure HELIX quality without any compromises. Loads of power, excellent measurement data and a whole bunch of features ensure a pristine and crispy sound experience!

Absolutely nothing has been missed for powerful sound reproduction - the active crossover with highpass filter, lowpass filter, bandpass and bass boost are equally as self-evident as the intelligent highlevel input that incorporates Audiotec Fischer´s proprietary ADEP circuit. It is even possible to add an optional volume remote control for the amp channels C and D which is very useful if those outputs are firing a subwoofer.

The elegant design not only states right from the beginning the amp's heritage but also allows an easy integration into your car thanks to its compact dimensions. That is sound-tuning at its best!

Class-AB Highlevel-Input ADEP RCA-Input Remmote-Control-ready Active crossover SMD 
  • 4-channel high- and lowlevel input
  • Smart highlevel input with ADEP circuit (Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection) and Auto Turn-On function
  • Fully active crossover with highpass, lowpass, bandpass and bass boost
  • Extremely stable MOSFET power supply
  • “Input mode” switch for flexible input signal routing
  • Highlevel input sensitivity up to 14 Volts max.
  • Cable remote control for volume adjustment of the channels C & D optionally available
  • Massive aluminum heatsink for best cooling conditions


Special features:

Smart highlevel input
The latest generation of OE car radios incorporates sophisticated possibilities of diagnosing the connected speakers. If a common amplifier will be hooked up failure messages and loss of specific features (e.g. fader function) quite often appears - but not with the D FOUR.
The new ADEP circuit (Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection) avoids all these problems without loading the speaker outputs of the OE radio during high volumes unnecessarily.

Output power RMS / max.  
- @ 4 Ohms 4 x 65 / 130 Watts
- @ 2 Ohms 4 x 90 / 180 Watts
- @ 1 Ohm
- bridged @ 4 Ohms 2 x 180 / 360 Watts
- bridged @ 2 Ohms
Amplifier technology Class AB
Inputs 4 x RCA / Cinch
4 x Highlevel speaker input
1 x Remote In
1 x Remote control input
Input sensitivity RCA / Cinch 0.5 - 6 Volts
Highlevel 1 - 14 Volts
Input impedance RCA / Cinch 30 kOhms
Input impedance highlevel 12 Ohms
Outputs 4 x Speaker output
Output voltage RCA / Cinch
Signal converter for digital input
Frequency response 10 Hz - 50.000 Hz
Bass boost 0 - 12 dB / 45 Hz
Highpass 15 Hz - 4,000 Hz adjustable
Lowpass 40 Hz - 4,000 Hz adjustable
Bandpass 15 Hz - 4,000 Hz adjustable
Slope high- / lowpass 12 dB/Oct.
Slope subsonic / lowpass
Signal-to-noise ratio digital input
Signal-to-noise ratio analog input 108 dB (A-weighted)
Distortion (THD) 0.02 %
Damping factor 65
Operating voltage 9.6 - 16 Volts
Idle current 1000 mA
Fuse 2 x 25 A Maxi-fuse (APX)
Additional features Active, adjustable crossover, bass boost, input mode switch, highlevel input with automatic turn on function and Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection (ADEP), optional cable remote control
Dimensions (H x W x D) 53 x 320 x 230 mm /
2.09 x 12.60 x 9.06”


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Car Audio Shop - Mobile Media Design - Solutii multimedia complete pentru masina ta.
Car Audio Shop - Mobile Media Design - Solutii multimedia complete pentru masina ta.
Helix D Four
D Four
755,10 LEI
839,00 LEI