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Audison bit Ten D

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bit Ten D
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bit Ten D  
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bit Ten D
1.935,00 RON

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bit Ten D is a multi-function digital processor conceived and built to process digital and analogue signal both on the input and on output to the amplifier (featuring AD Link connection) and create top-performance system with any source typology.
Provided with a 32 bit, 147 MHz clock speed DSP as well as 24 bit A/D and D/A converters, bit Ten D processes the signal with extreme accuracy and wide configurability thanks to a software especially designed for car acoustic peculiarities.
bit Ten D features an optical digital input, minimizing interference and degradations of the signal found in traditional analog interconnects, also by-passing the A/D conversion phases of analog signals.
Thanks to the AD Link connection, the available outputs become 8 in total, all in digital format; they can also be used simultaneously with the analog ones (for a maximum of 8 outputs total).
The AC Link is completely dedicated to the “remote control” of the system. The system is comprised of one connector for the provided DRC and one for the amplifiers present in the system. The DRC is supplied with the bit Ten D product. 

Power Supply
Voltage: 11 ÷ 15 VDC
Idling current: 0.4 A
Switched off without DRC: 2.5 mA
Switched off with DRC: 4 mA
Remote IN voltage: 7 ÷ 15 VDC (1.3 mA)
Remote OUT voltage: 12 VDC (130 mA)

Signal Stage
Distortion - THD @ 1 kHz, 1V RMS Output: 0.005%
Bandwidth @ -3 dB: 10 ÷ 22k Hz
S/N Ratio @ A weighted
Digital Input: 105 dBA
Master Input: 95 dBA
Aux Input: 96 dBA
Channel Separation @ 1 kHz: 85 dB
Input sensitivity (Speaker In): 2 ÷ 15 V RMS
Input sensitivity (AUX In): 0.6 ÷ 5 V RMS
Input sensitivity (PHONE): 2 ÷ 15 V RMS
Input impedance (Speaker In): 2.2 kO
Input impedance (AUX): 15 kO
Input impedance (PHONE): 2.2 kO
Max Output Level (RMS) @ 0.1% THD: 4 V RMS

Input Stage
High Level (Speaker): FL - FR - RL - RR, PHONE IN
Low Level (Pre): AUX IN
Digital Optical IN (S/PDIF max 96 kHz/24bit):OPTICAL IN

Output Stage
Low Level Pre (Default): FRONT L/R, REAR L/R,SUB
Digital AD Link: CH1÷ CH8 S/PDIF

From / To Personal Computer 1 x USB / B (1.1/2.0)
To Audison Electronics: AC Link controls

Crossover N.5 (one each output channel)
Filter Type: Full / High Pass / Low Pass / Band Pass
Filter mode and slope: Linkwitz @ 12/24dB; Butterworth @ 6/12/18/24dB
Crossover frequency: 68 steps @ 20 ÷ 20k Hz
Phase control: 0° ÷ 180°

On Hi-Levels input (Speaker In):Automatic De-Equalization
On Outputs:
N.5 Graphic: ± 12 dB @ 31 Band ISO 1/3 Oct. 20 ÷ 20k Hz

Time Alignment
Distance: 0 ÷ 510 cm / 0 ÷ 200.8 inch
Delay: 0 ÷ 15 ms
Step: 0.08 ms; 2.8 cm / 1.1 inch
Fine set: 0.02 ms; 0.7 cm / 0.27 inch

W (Width) x H (Height) x D (Depth)(mm/inches): 191 x 34 x 131 / 7.51” x 1.33”x 4.76”
Weight (kg/lb): 0.6 / 1.322

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Car Audio Shop - Mobile Media Design - Solutii multimedia complete pentru masina ta.
Car Audio Shop - Mobile Media Design - Solutii multimedia complete pentru masina ta.
Audison bit Ten D
bit Ten D
1.935,00 LEI